MusicMonday #1

Song: Adrian & Lepa Brena – Cik Cik pogodi
Wurde im Jahre 2004 veröffentlicht.
Das Lied wird in rumänisch und serbisch gesungen.
Dieses Lied war früher mein Lieblingslied.♡
Wie findet ihr es? kanntet ihr das schon?

Song: Adrian & Lepa Brena – Cik cik pogodi
Released in 2004.
It’s a romanian and serbian song.
This song was my favorite Song.♡
What do you think about this song? Do you like it?


27 de gânduri despre „MusicMonday #1

  1. I can’t read your blog post, either – it’s not written in English. The song is pretty, though, even though I can’t understand the words. The singer reminds me of a lovely lady I saw on one of the singing competition shows, and the judges didn’t believe it was really her voice – they thought she was lip syncing – and they made her sing acapella and found out it really WAS her beautiful, flawless voice!

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